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Quality Horse Trailer Mats…. WHY?


Horse owners will spend tons of money on their horses, UNTIL it comes to the trailer mats.

You purchase a beautiful horse, a fancy trailer, the best saddle and tack, what happens then when it comes to the floor of your trailer? You either don’t put mats down or you use something that curls, or is a piece of left over belting, or used rubber mat someone has on sale.  Sometimes you think you made a wise purchase but be aware of mats that could be too thin or are slick.

You may think your horse is just fussy about loading or hauling? You need to take a look at it from their point of view. Without the right traction, your horse is nervous about keeping itself upright when you go around a corner, or when you hit the brakes to slow down for a stoplight.

Do you wonder why your horse is kicking the wall, or jumping around in the trailer? It’s trying to escape from lack of proper traction, which is necessary, in the trailer. So please take the time to evaluate your trailer floor and walls and get rid of the poor quality, broken or curling mats.

The solution: Try getting mats for your trailer that are made out of durable rubber made specifically for trailer floors. There are mats available made of good quality firm rubber, that won’t curl after a few uses.

Another item to consider is the rolled wall rubber, which is flexible and thinner to help stop the animals from making noise when they kick the trailer wall, their feet will just bounce off the trailer wall matting.

Special traction mats are an additional benefit for a really excited, nervous horse, which will give additional support. Having the proper trailer matting also save your trailer floor from damage and will keep your trailer in better condition longer. Higher quality matting also protects your horse’s feet and legs. A trip to the vet will be much more costly than purchasing a quality mat.

Be humane to your animals, they rely on those feet to get you to that competition or trail ride.


 ~ Helpful points provided by Sheryl Johnson of  Oregon Rubber Mat



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